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Chester SEND school launches residential accommodation

29 June 2022

Abbey School has launched a residential offering to provide tailored, high quality residential provision as part of its highly specialist, autism-specific educational model.

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A bespoke curriculum at Abbey School

07 December 2021

A curriculum is a clear and unambiguous statement of what a school plans to teach. Every school has a timetable that delivers its curriculum and lesson plans that specify teaching methods in detail.

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Abbey School: The role of the physical environment in SEN care

13 September 2021

The buildings we live and learn in have a significant impact on our mental and physical health. Physical comfort, aesthetics, and functionality combine to influence how we feel about the spaces we use.

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Abbey School: Being part of a community

22 July 2021

Most of us want to feel we belong and that we connect with others in a meaningful way. Belonging and connection are basic to everyone, including those who may have a learning disability and a diagnosis of autism.

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Abbey School set to launch Chester’s first residential provision for autistic children

21 June 2021

Abbey School for Exceptional Children, a specialist school in Chester city centre that caters for children with autism, is set to open its brand new residential offering.

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Abbey School: One year on – by Abbey School principal Dr Katy Lee

18 June 2021

At Abbey School for exceptional children, we believe strongly that all children with special educational needs deserve an education that is truly excellent and we have worked diligently over the past year to make this ambition a reality.

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Creating a soft landing for our new residential pupils

Exceptional children at Abbey School

23 April 2021

This year marks an exciting milestone at Abbey School as our beautiful new residential accommodation Abbey Green opens in September and we look forward to welcoming new faces and friends as pupils join us from all over the country.

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Abbey School nears completion on residential development

22 February 2021

Abbey School launches a residential offering this spring, following the transformational refurbishment of a building called Abbey Green at the school.

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Framing our approach to children with challenging behaviour

Children with challenging behaviour

9 February 2021

How can Positive Behavioural Support help children who present with challenging behaviour, in ways that are respectful and culturally sensitive?

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Book your virtual open day at Abbey School

Abbey School open days

29 January 2021

As we are currently unable to hold our open days within our fantastic school buildings, we are using this as an opportunity to provide you with a more personalised experience through virtual open day sessions.

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Chester leaders welcome new city centre Abbey School

Abbey School for Exceptional Children

14 January 2021

Dean of Chester, the Venerable Dr Tim Stratford has joined city leaders in celebrating the launch of our new school.

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Professor Sandy Toogood celebrated on the New Year Honours list

Professor Sandy Toogood - Abbey School for Exceptional Children

1 January 2021

Head of Clinical and Behavioural Services at Abbey School, Professor Sandy Toogood, is to be awarded a British Empire Medal.

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Ingredients for an outstanding education

10 December 2020

An outstanding SEN education is made up of a combination of several key ingredients, as well as the Abbey School ‘icing on the cake’.

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Partnership in SEND provision

Partnership in SEND - Abbey School

2 December 2020

Partnership can drive innovation and best practice where the goal is strengthening provision for children with special educational needs and disabilities, and behaviours that challenge.

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Abbey School podcast: A personalised SEN learning journey – the building blocks of learning

Abbey School podcast

13 November 2020

We explore how creating a learning journey that will work for a child with special educational needs is an important part of unlocking their potential.

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Abbey School interview – creating an outstanding SEN school

30 October 2020

How did we go about creating a school that will improve the life chances of our pupils, and offer an improved quality of life for family members and others?

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What to do if your child needs special educational school provision?

22 October 2020

We’ve put together this helpful visual guide to help you along the journey.

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A guide to securing a SEN school placement for your child’s special educational needs

21 October 2020

For parents just beginning the SEN journey – it can seem like a challenging and complex landscape to navigate.  Here’s what you need to know…

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Three key elements can optimise out-of-area placements for children with SEND – by Prof. Sandy Toogood

Out of area placements for SEND

14 October 2020

When an out-of-area placement is needed for pupils with SEND, what features of provision are likely to maximise benefit for pupils and families?

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Abbey School podcast: Understanding special educational rights – a guide to accessing the best possible SEND education

Abbey School podcast

2 October 2020

In this podcast we explore the legal landscape around SEND provision and the rights of pupils and parents.
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Abbey School opens its doors in the heart of Chester

Abbey School opens its doors in Chester

28 September 2020

Our brand new school and centre of excellence for special educational needs and disability, Abbey School for Exceptional Children, has opened in Chester’s historic Abbey Square.

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Exceptional Children – how we named Abbey School

Abbey School for Exceptional Children

25 September 2020

Children are exceptional in different ways and we wanted to draw attention to this in the most positive and affirming way possible.

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Firm Foundations – Developing the Building Blocks of Learning – by Janet Whiley 

Personalised SEND learning

4 September 2020

Many children with SEND enter the education system without the pivotal skills that are essential for lifetime learning.

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A personalised approach holds the key to unlocking our SEND challenge – by Prof. Sandy Toogood

Personalised SEND Learning

28 August 2020

Ensuring people with special educational needs and disabilities are empowered and equipped with the tools they need to contribute to public life…

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A curriculum as unique as your child – by Deputy Principal Kelly Holloway

27 August 2020

How can a highly personalised curriculum empower those whose characteristics, behaviour and learning capabilities sit outside of the typical?

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Abbey School will create hundreds of new highly skilled jobs in Chester

Abbey School Principal Dr Katy Lee

28 July 2020

Over 200 roles will be created, including social care staff, qualified teachers, behaviour analysts, speech & language therapists, and more.

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Abbey School podcast: a new beginning for special educational needs

Abbey School podcast

24 July 2020

In our first Abbey school podcast, we explore the school’s Educational Research Alliance (ERA) and the strides being made in the field of educational development.

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Abbey School launches £1million research programme to provide ‘the best education possible’

Abbey School Chester

29 June 2020

Our brand new school and centre of excellence for special educational needs and disability in the UK is set to open in Chester.

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Abbey School: a new beginning – by Abbey School principal Dr Katy Lee

26 June 2020

We want to set a new standard in special education – a standard that is aspirational and imposes no limits on what can be achieved for each and every pupil.

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