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Exceptional Children – how we named Abbey School

Abbey School for Exceptional Children

Children are exceptional in different ways and we wanted to draw attention to this in the most positive and affirming way possible.

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Groundbreaking fintech for Abbey School

Abbey School for Exceptional Children

22 September 2020

The financial burden on local authorities sending children to Abbey School  stands to be reduced greatly, thanks to a revolutionary funding model.

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Firm Foundations – Developing the Building Blocks of Learning – by Janet Whiley 

Personalised SEND learning

4 September 2020

Many children with SEND enter the education system without the pivotal skills that are essential for lifetime learning.

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A personalised approach holds the key to unlocking our SEND challenge – by Prof. Sandy Toogood

Personalised SEND Learning

28 August 2020

Ensuring people with special educational needs and disabilities are empowered and equipped with the tools they need to contribute to public life…

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A curriculum as unique as your child – by Deputy Principal Kelly Holloway

27 August 2020

How can a highly personalised curriculum empower those whose characteristics, behaviour and learning capabilities sit outside of the typical?

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Abbey School will create hundreds of new highly skilled jobs in Chester

Abbey School Principal Dr Katy Lee

28 July 2020

Over 200 roles will be created, including social care staff, qualified teachers, behaviour analysts, speech & language therapists, and more.

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Abbey School podcast: a new beginning for special educational needs

Abbey School podcast

24 July 2020

In our first Abbey school podcast, we explore the school’s Educational Research Alliance (ERA) and the strides being made in the field of educational development.

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Abbey School launches £1million research programme to provide ‘the best education possible’

Abbey School Chester

29 June 2020

Our brand new school and centre of excellence for special educational needs and disability in the UK is set to open in Chester.

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Abbey School: a new beginning – by Abbey School principal Dr Katy Lee

26 June 2020

We want to set a new standard in special education – a standard that is aspirational and imposes no limits on what can be achieved for each and every pupil.

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App coming soon...

We are developing an app - the Abbey School Model APP - and associated software to help staff plan, deliver, and monitor outstanding teaching and learning at school, home and in the community. A version of the APP will also be available for the adult social care sector.

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