Open days at Abbey School

Open days at Abbey School


Thank you for joining us on our virtual open day. We hope you enjoyed learning more about Abbey School and meeting some of our senior team.

We’ve put together the most helpful resources below for parents and carers, to help you on your journey to accessing the best possible education for your child’s needs.


Take another look around Abbey School

We hope you enjoyed our guided walk around our school facilities. You can watch our walk-through with School Principal Dr Katy Lee again here.

Meet the Abbey School team

Our whole team at Abbey School are looking forward to meeting you in person. In the meantime, you can watch an introduction to our senior leadership team below.



Resources for parents and carers

We know it can feel complicated navigating the legal landscape of the SEND system, to secure the best school place for your child.

We’ve put together a blog, podcast and helpful visual guide to help simplify the process and explain the rights of parents and pupils.


All children are exceptional in some aspect of their being – their character, who they are, and how they adapt to changing circumstances in their lives. This includes the children and young people attending our school, many of whom will have faced extraordinary challenges in their young lives so far.

Read our blog to find out the meaning behind our school’s name.


We are proud to share with you our school prospectus. You can view or download the full document here.